From Milan, The Style

From Milan, The Style

There is a well-defined style that is different from all others. It is the Milanese style of which Tincati has always been a champion and paradigm.

It is a mood that reflects the city’s soul, that manifests itself through a distinctive aesthetic code.

Understated, classic and refined: in clean, unfussy lines, in impeccable cutting and in an exacting selection of only the very finest fabrics and materials.

Each detail is carefully studied with the same, almost maniacal, attention. Even the little things which may seem marginal but actually make the difference: a lining, a hand-stitched buttonhole or the use of gold-edged mother-of-pearl buttons. Or the inside of a coat, lined with mink.

A sober, elegant style designed for those prefer to stand out for their taste and personality, without flauting but never going unnoticed. They express that preference when they choose the colour of their knitwear in cashmere, or in the even more luxurious vicuña, or when they opt for a country-gentleman style for their moments of leisure. Because a man of style knows how to live every moment with charm and refinement.

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