The first TINCATI store opened in Milan, in 1965, when Pietro Tincati decided he would propose his personal idea of male elegance through a careful selection of the top luxury apparel brands.

The retail had an immediate success, TINCATI earned over the years the loyalty of a growing, sophisticated clientele, opening over the years new stores around Italy. At the same time, it has been defining its ever-unique, well-finished style. Years of experience in luxury apparel led the company to take up a new challenge, the launch of its own brand.

In 2008 Antonio Tincati, heir to the founder and now running the family firm, decided to codify the unmistakeable Milanese style in a TINCATI range of elegant apparel and accessories for men.

Today, its style, tradition and quality make TINCATI a favourite store among the Milanese and an exclusive brand acclaimed by people from across the world who recognise and appreciate the value of exclusiveness and tradition.

With his vast experience in luxury clothing for men, and prompted by his customers’ constant requests for greater exclusiveness, Antonio Tincati decided to expand his business and create his own brand.

Which are the features of the brand Tincati?

Is the vivacity of the product, a unique style always in development that allows the classic man to be each day contemporary and modern without falling into radical fashion. the brand has took a global consistency, feauturing a unique way to please its customers combining good taste, with the modernity of the products, the colours and the fabrics. TINCATI brand does not propose an enriched product, but a product rich on the quality side. It is a recognisable product with its own style.

We can summarize this concept in two words: Modern Classic.