The first TINCATI store opened in Milan, in 1965, when Pietro Tincati decided he would propose his personal idea of male elegance through a careful selection of the top luxury apparel brands.

    The retail had an immediate success, TINCATI earned over the years the loyalty of a growing, sophisticated clientele, opening over the years new stores around Italy. At the same time, it has been defining its ever-unique, well-finished style. Years of experience in luxury apparel led the company to take up a new challenge, the launch of its own brand.

    In 2008 Antonio Tincati, heir to the founder and now running the family firm, decided to codify the unmistakeable Milanese style in a TINCATI range of elegant apparel and accessories for men.

    Today, its style, tradition and quality make TINCATI a favourite store among the Milanese and an exclusive brand acclaimed by people from across the world who recognise and appreciate the value of exclusiveness and tradition.

    With his vast experience in luxury clothing for men, and prompted by his customers’ constant requests for greater exclusiveness, Antonio Tincati decided to expand his business and create his own brand.

    Which are the features of the brand Tincati?

    Is the vivacity of the product, a unique style always in development that allows the classic man to be each day contemporary and modern without falling into radical fashion. the brand has took a global consistency, feauturing a unique way to please its customers combining good taste, with the modernity of the products, the colours and the fabrics. TINCATI brand does not propose an enriched product, but a product rich on the quality side. It is a recognisable product with its own style.

    We can summarize this concept in two words: Modern Classic.

    The Future
    After the stores of: Milan, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, Platja d’Aro; TINCATI brand wants to expand its label in a global way, growing each day and following its brand philosophy.

    Antonio-Tincati tincati-d-s

    A sartorial perfume


    A tailor’s shop has a fragrance all of its own. A fragrance of steam and of a damp pressing cloth under a hot iron, the indispensable tool every tailor uses to mould the fabric.

    This is the air you breathe in the TINCATI atelier, an air of art and craft.
    If TINCATI’s art is to understand the rules of male elegance and to interpret that elegance through personal taste and fabrics of superior quality, its craft is its time-honoured expertise; a demonstration of an exclusively Italian craft tradition, the ability to transform singular, luxury materials into beautiful, exclusive things.

    Quality is not synonymous with quantity.
    This is why the TINCATI workshop produces only about twenty articles a day, no more. A bespoke suit is made by a man, for a man. Therefore, sewing the suit is only one of the customer services TINCATI provides. From the choice of style and fabrics to measuring and deliver, these who choose TINCATI are constantly assured of total service, which even includes the tailor visiting them in their home, anywhere in the world.

    from Milan, the style

    There is a well-defined style that is different from all others. It is the Milanese style of which TINCATI has always been a champion and paradigm.
    It is a mood that reflects the city’s soul, that manifests itself through a distinctive aesthetic code.
    Understated, classic and refined: in clean, unfussy lines, in impeccable cutting and in an exacting selection of only the very finest fabrics and materials.
    Each detail is carefully studied with the same, almost maniacal, attention. Even the little things which may seem marginal but actually make the difference: a lining, a hand-stitched buttonhole or the use of gold-edged mother-of-pearl buttons.
    Or the inside of a coat, lined with mink.

    A sober, elegant style designed for those prefer to stand out for their taste and personality, without flauting but never going unnoticed. They express that preference when they choose the colour of their knitwear in cashmere, or in the even more luxurious vicuña, or when they opt for a country-gentleman style for their moments of leisure. Because a man of style knows how to live every moment with charm and refinement.



    FALL WINTER 2015-2016

    The DNA of the Fall Winter 2015 TINCATI MILANO is rooted in the cities of its flagship stores, Milano, top of a conservative and unconditional spirit establishes the foundation and knowhow of craftsmanship of the best tailors in the world; New York, top of a dynamic spirit and urban, allows the final product to be not only stylish but mostly functional in their use, expanding its collection using precious materials and technical textiles to address the adverse weather conditions of each day. The result is a mixture of knowledge and practicality that determines the essence of the collection as an exclusive contemporary elegance.


    New York, the greatest metrology for many it matters in many ways, for us its most revelan was to let us think of a garment that allows the customer to stay dry and protected for every adverse climatic event, wether it’s a seasonal storm, a rainy October or a windy avenue. This is where WWP comes, exclusive technical fabrics tested by qualified persons, this material allowed us to build a successful feeling for the consumer of practicality and refinement, always having the recognized craftsmanship spirit of the brand.


    pullover-tinca-boz LOOK 01 KNITWEAR
    lupo-zigra-paul LOOK 02 ACCESSORIES · KNITWEAR
    giubbino-boz LOOK 03 OUTERWEAR JACKETS
    gilet-pulloverzip-pulloverbotton-camicia LOOK 04 SHIRTS · KNITWEAR
    pullover-tinca-tom-boz LOOK 05 KNITWEAR
    phill-blu-grigio LOOK 06 KNITWEAR
    felpa-blouson LOOK 07 KNITWEAR
    cammy-zigra-lupo-boz LOOK 08 ACCESSORIES · OUTERWEAR JACKETS
    napoli-cam-faz LOOK 09 ACCESSORIES · SHIRTS · JACKETS
    pant-pant-cint-cam LOOK 10 ACCESSORIES · SHIRTS · TROUSERS
    napoli-pullover-faz-boz LOOK 11 ACCESSORIES · JACKETS · KNITWEAR
    napoli-faz-crav-cap LOOK 12 ACCESSORIES · JACKETS
    ab-card-cap-faz-crav LOOK 14 SUITS · ACCESSORIES
    ab-card-faz-crav-cam LOOK 15 SUITS · ACCESSORIES · SHIRTS
    ab-card-cam-crav-cint-boz LOOK 16 SUITS · ACCESSORIES · SHIRTS
    ab-cap-crav-gil-cam LOOK 17 SUITS · ACCESSORIES · SHIRTS
    cam-pap-crav-cap-gem LOOK 18 ACCESSORIES · SHIRTS
    smo-cam-fas-pap-boz LOOK 19 SUITS · ACCESSORIES · SHIRTS
    borsa-crav-boz LOOK 21 ACCESSORIES
    porta-carte LOOK 22 ACCESSORIES
    belts-boz LOOK 23 ACCESSORIES
    cort-sciar-cap-boz LOOK 26 OUTERWEAR JACKETS · WWP
    mont-sciarp LOOK 27 OUTERWEAR JACKETS · WWP
    imper-tokio-boz LOOK 29 OUTERWEAR JACKETS · WWP
    tino5-cap-sciarp LOOK 30 OUTERWEAR JACKETS · WWP


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